German Angora Rabbits

We raise German Angora Rabbit wool, as well as kits for raising your own! All Angoras are treasured for their fluffy fur, but the German Angora Rabbit outperforms all of its relatives. Their hair is long, very fine and woolen. Even though Angora rabbits usually have high-maintenance fur, the German variety of the breed is popular for the effortless upkeep of the coat.

Merino Sheep

We shepherd a small flock of Merino sheep for fiber production. We blend the wool with our Alpaca fiber, and also offer 100% Merino yarn. The Merino is prized for its wool, regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

Our three ewes are Boss Lady Louisa, Matilda and Popcorn. Our two rams are Shawn and Oscar.


We raise several common and unique breeds of chickens. Ask us about our farm fresh eggs or chicks for your own flock.

Some of our current varieties include Swedish Flower Hens, Swedish Black Hens, Silkies, and Marans.