About the Ranch
How we started

I grew up on acreage in South Dakota. My husband, Udo, helped tend his family’s farm in Brekerfeld, Germany. After meeting in Germany, we married and moved to Montana. Together, with our two daughters we discovered alpacas and decided to return to the lifestyle we love…country living.

Interested in the fiber arts, I purchased a spinning wheel and joined the local spinning guild.

At one of the first few meetings I attended, the group (guild) was asked if anyone was interested in purchasing a small herd of alpacas and a guard llama. I didn’t hesitate, and our alpaca adventures began…

What we do

Through careful breeding decisions, the addition of excellent bloodlines, and choosing our breeding stock from top genetic lines, we strive to continually and diligently improve upon the conformation and fiber characteristics of our alpacas. We regularly attend shows and workshops.

We love alpaca ranching and would like to help give you the opportunity to share in this rewarding lifestyle. We offer mentorship and customer support before, during, and after the sale of our animals. We will serve you with the same honesty and integrity we ourselves have been shown, in achieving your goals toward a rewarding alpaca adventure.

A special thank-you

We are thankful to our mentors for helping us achieve our goals.

Family owned Alpaca Ranch

Breeding for

Molt, Montana

The Location

Located 17 miles west of Billings, not far from Yellowstone National Park and the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Phone: 406-672-8388
email: angi@mtalpacas.com

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We take pride in our herd of alpacas in a variety of colors, as well as our line of full accoyos.

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meet the animals


The Merino is prized for its wool, regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

meet the animals


We’re proud to raise a variety of unique breeds, offering farm fresh eggs, chicks and full grown fowl for your own.

meet the animals

Meet Snowman

Because every mule train needs a mule!