Fun Alpaca Facts

Alpacas don’t require a lot of land.

Alpacas are herd animals and need to be with their own kind to stay happy and healthy. It is recommended to keep at least 3 alpacas together. Males and females should not be kept together.

Alpacas are eco-friendly.

They have soft padded feet, that don’t tear up the earth

Alpacas love to graze, biting off grass rather than pulling it out of the ground.

Alpacas use common manure piles

Alpaca manure is a perfect soil conditioner and nutrient and can be used immediately.

Alpacas are quiet, intelligent and curious. They learn quickly and appreciate a routine.

Alpacas must be sheared annually in order to prevent heat stroke and keep them healthy. This is done by professionals with the utmost care.

Spit sometimes happens…but not usually towards humans. We try not to be in the way.